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Interview with Victoria Down, fifty shades of grey makeup department head (part 2)
Interview with Victoria Down, fifty shades of grey makeup department head (part 2)

I used MAKE UP FOR EVER every day on the Fifty Shades of Grey set. As a professional makeup artist, I try more than 100 products before I find the right one. I consistently go back to MAKE UP FOR EVER products because of the quality, range of colors, and superior blendability. It’s made with pros in mind so you can expect performance and quality for everyday wear as well.

Interview with Victoria Down, fifty shades of grey makeup department head (part 2)

Fifty Shades of Grey movie Makeup Department Head, Victoria Down, sits down with MAKE UP FOR EVER to share her on-set makeup secrets, insider tips and must-haves and her love of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

What was your first experience with MAKE UP FOR EVER?

Well, actually it was on a television series in the late 80's. Those ladies had to be painted from head to toe, they were always in skimpy outfits, and there were a lot of cheesy love scenes. So we would paint people and over-paint them and the only thing that I found that stayed on forever - that was love-scene proof, sweat proof, and that really kept its integrity – were the MAKE UP FOR EVER foundations. That was my first introduction to the brand because it was very difficult to get it in Canada, especially in Vancouver.

Why do you love MAKE UP FOR EVER products for professionals and for film? What are some of those products?

Well, as I mentioned before, I started with the body makeups and the foundations, which have progressed to even better foundations. HD Foundation is something that is indispensable in anybody's kit as a professional these days, as well as the lip colors, and lately - for me - the Artisan Brushes. They are the best thing on the market and that's all there is to it! They are so well-made that I've put aside my other brushes and I'm surprised at that because I used them for 20 years.

How do you use MAKE UP FOR EVER on set?

Well, it's part of my everyday bag for each of the actresses. I have MAKE UP FOR EVER lipsticks and palettes in every bag. I'm using the HD foundation on all the leading ladies. The eye shadow colors, the new eye pencils and lip pencils are beautiful because they have longevity - they have staying power. This is not the kind of makeup that sweats off easily; it doesn’t run. It all just melds beautifully.

Do you think longevity and staying power is not only important for pros, but for consumers as well?

Of course! Who wants to put your lipstick on 25 times a day when you can put a color on and it's there. It's gorgeous and it looks good. You have makeup that's not flaking all over your face when you're walking out of the house in the morning. Your eyebrows look the same all day, your mascara stays on and doesn't run. It works for film, but it works for you and I in our daily life.

What are your three must-have MAKE UP FOR EVER products and why?

The entire line of HD Foundations, the Artisan Brush line, and the Rouge Artist lipsticks.