Star Lit Powder

CATCH THE LIGHT. Shine. Shimmer. Highlight. This soft shimmer powder instantly highlights with a radiant glow.

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Step by step

Steps 2 / 4: Face

Step 1: Use Step 1 Hydrating and Pink all over the face to bring freshness to the complexion with brush #108.Step 2: Apply Water Blend using the "Press N' Roll" technique, from the center of the face outwards.Step 3: Correct dark circles with Ultra HD Concealer and brush #172 with sweeping motions, then dab with your fingers.Step 4: If you have some imperfections, hide them with Concealer pencil. You can also use it to wake up your eyes by applying in the lower waterline. Step 5: Create a highlighting blush with Star Lit Powder 15, with 8 motions from the temples to the cheekbones.

Steps 3 / 4: Eyes

Step 1: Apply Star Lit Powder13 (Ivory) all over the eyelid without covering the crease with Silicone Applicator #224.Step 2: Sculpt your crease with Star Lit Powder 12 (Copper) to define it and get depth. Apply this color also on the lower lash line.Step 3: Blend Copper slightly with brush #216 using Star Lit Powder 15 (Golden Pink), just above the crease. Do not blend it with the eyelid color.Step 4: To focus on the eyelid and catch even more the light, apply Star Lit Liquid 2 (Pink Beige) on the inner corner.

Steps 4 / 4: Lips

Step 1: Apply Aqua Rouge 21 all over your lips.Step 2: Add touches of Aqua Rouge 23 on the center of your lips. Use the transparent side to add comfort and to complete the lips look.


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I absolutely love this product. The color payoff is great. Use it dry for a subtle effect of wet for a foiled look. The rose gold is a must for bridal. Will be buying more colors.

MInd Blown

I saw Jaclyn Hill use this as her highlighter, I admit that I was very skeptical...but WOW! This is really amazing, and everyone else must think so because it's been sold out everywhere! I buying 3, because it's so hard to find now!!!!

Perfect Bridal Pink

15 Golden Pink is the perfect color for brides! Does not disappoint!


Love the color and the pigment! It goes well with any skin tone.