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Smoky Lash
Extra Black Mascara

An ultra-pigmented mascara with a faux lash effect.

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Step by Step

  Learn how to perfectly apply your mascara in 5 steps.

Steps 2 / 7:

Gently lift your eyelid with your finger for better control in applying the mascara.

Steps 3 / 7:

Begin on the top of the lashes . Brush the lashes from the top and at the root of your lash line upwards.

Steps 4 / 7:

Apply  the mascara from the root of your lash line towards the end of your lashes stretching them slightly outwards.

Steps 5 / 7:

Looking up, using the fine tip of the brush, gently brush the lower lashes from base to tip, being careful not to apply too much product which can darken the eyes.

Steps 6 / 7: Result


Steps 7 / 7: Lengthened Result


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Lash Bum Bum

I am so glad this mascara is back!!! I thought it was discontinued. This made my day. I absolutely love the brush. It opens up the beauty of my eyes making them look more gorgeous.

Best Mascara Ever

This is the one mascara I'm loyal to above all others! I've tried higher priced ones and NOTHING compares! PLEASE don't ever discontinue this miracle mascara!

False lashes in a bottle

The single most mascara that everyone should have. Volume, length, and ultimate rich dark lashes. Everyone compliments my lashes when I wear this.


Best Mascara Brush on the market! Really allows you to get close to the lashes and build volume.