Discover the range of MAKE UP FOR EVER powder. Available in compact powder and loose powder formulas. Explore powder foundation and complete the look with micro-finishing and mattifying powders.

  • Powder foundation for a natural and matte finish
    Powder foundation gives a flawless and natural finish to your makeup. It mattifies the skin, minimizes imperfections, and increases makeup hold. Powder foundation can be applied alone, after your skincare routine, or over your usual liquid foundation. It is easy to apply, and its coverage can be built up accordingly. Loose powders, compact powders, and micro-finishing powders contain the wide range of MAKE UP FOR EVER powder foundations that are suitable for all skin types.

    Loose powders
    Loose powders are very light and barely noticeable. They perfectly mattify the complexion and give it radiance. Loose powders are suitable for all skin types and skintones. They are most often applied with a brush but also with a sponge or powder puff. ULTRA HD MATTE SETTING POWDER is a loose setting powder that conceals imperfections and sets makeup. Available in 5 shades, this powder ensures your makeup lasts 24 hours and gives the skin a matte finish. The resulting complexion is even, and imperfections are concealed.

    Compact powders
    Compact powders come in a case and are usually accompanied by a sponge for application. Compact powders offer medium to high coverage that can be easily built up according to the desired finish. If you have combination or oily skin, a compact powder will provide the matte finish you need. It helps control shine due to excess sebum while guaranteeing you an even and flawless complexion. HD SKIN MATTE VELVET POWDER FOUNDATION is a compact matte powder foundation available in various shades. The sponge provided allows for a simple and flexible application. Use the plain side if you want medium coverage and the logo side for additional, fuller coverage. This powder foundation is also waterproof and allows your make-up to last up to 24 hours

    Micro-finishing powders
    Micro-finishing powders are invisible powder foundations. Their texture is light and airy, providing a natural, velvety finish. Micro-finishing powders conceal imperfections and provide an immediate healthy-glow finish. ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER provides a light and luminous matte finish. Pores, fine lines, and imperfections are perfectly concealed. It is formulated with synthetic mica, silicone, and silica powders. This powder suits all skin tones and is available in peach, banana, and translucent shades. The ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER is a compact formula enriched with hyaluronic acid. It can therefore be used on dry skin without causing a feeling of dryness.

    How do I find the proper color powder foundation?
    Choosing the right colour for your color foundation is essential. If it’s too light, it doesn’t appear natural, and if it’s too dark, it will accentuate fine lines and signs of fatigue. A well-chosen shade enhances radiance and minimizes imperfections. To find the perfect shade for your powder foundation, use our SHADE FINDER technology. This practical and very easy-to-use tool will help you choose the perfect shade.

    What accessories should I use to apply my powder foundation?
    Sponges are ideal for applying compact powder. They make it easy to work with the product and coverage. Choose a double-sided sponge that allows you to vary the coverage according to the desired effect. To apply loose powder, a brush is the best tool. Put a little product onto the brush and lightly tap it to remove any excess. Gently apply to the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the chin, then work the loose powder from the inside of the face outwards. To ensure that your powder foundation lasts, apply a mist of setting spray on top of your makeup.