Create mesmerizing eyes using MAKE UP FOR EVER eye brushes. Discover brushes to blend, line, and precisely create natural, smoky, and intense eye looks.

  • Eye brushes for every occasion!
    Do you want a perfect line at the level of the eyelashes that creates a stunning cat-eye effect? Or maybe you prefer to create a wide-colored and luminous halo effect around your eyelids? MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a range of different eye brushes to help you create all the looks you might be dreaming of. Our brushes are soft, technical, precise, and designed to achieve a professional makeup look.

    The different types of eye brushes
    MAKE UP FOR EVER offers eye brushes that answer all your needs: eyelid shading, lining, blending, dabbing... You’ll undoubtedly find one that suits you! Our BLENDER BRUSH – 242 eye brush is a long, slightly flared, rounded brush. Its softness is incomparable. It has the advantage of being multi-purpose. It specifically allows you to lightly and subtly apply eyeshadow to your eyelids. You can also use it to create highlights by applying shimmering powders to specific areas of the eye. Finally, this eye brush can be used to apply primers and fixers to the eyelids before makeup. Are you going out tonight and dreaming of creating an intense and bewitching gaze? Our EXTRA FINE EYELINER BRUSH - 250 brush is the perfect choice. Its ultra-fine bristles allow you to apply color precisely wherever you want. From beginners to professionals alike, thanks to its curved shape, it is easy to create a clean and precise line of eyeliner with an intense powder or a smoky eye. Are you hesitating between different brushes? Discover our limited-edition brush sets. Our professional make-up artists have brought together the best brushes in a single set, perfect for enhancing all your looks. They contain four essential brushes to create a flawless complexion and stunning eyes, just like the professionals.

    Successful eye make-up
    Successful make-up starts with an eye primer applied to clean, dry eyelids. Fixers have the advantage of keeping the skin dry throughout the day and fixing eyeshadow and pencils to the skin. Therefore, they no longer fade or run into the folds. It guarantees long-lasting makeup all day and night! Detailed eye makeup inevitably involves neat and accentuated eyebrows. For this, MAKE UP FOR EVER recommends the DOUBLE-ENDED ANGLED EYEBROW AND EYELASH BRUSH - 274. With its bottle brush at one end and an angled brush at the other, it is a key accessory for your makeup bag; for perfect eyebrows every time. This angled brush makes it possible to both fill and define the line of your eyebrows in the blink of an eye and with great ease.

    How do I remove eye make-up?
    There are different techniques for removing eye makeup. For example, you can use two large cotton balls soaked in warm water and let them rest on your eyes for a few minutes. They gently dissolve eye shadow and mascara. Then, gently dab your eyes to remove any remaining traces of makeup. Are you in a hurry? Is your makeup waterproof? Use our SENS’EYES make-up remover. Its alcohol and mineral oil-free formula brings extreme softness to your eyes while effectively removing your makeup. This makeup remover gel leaves no oily film and is ideal for sensitive skin.

    How do you look after your brushes?
    Whatever eye brushes you use, remember to clean them regularly. This preserves their lifespan but, above all, protects your eyes and skin from any irritation. To do this, we recommend cleaning them with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Rinse them well and let them dry flat and away from sunlight.