Add the final touch and get an intense look with MAKE UP FOR EVER eye pencils. Discover long-long, waterproof, sweat-proof, transfer-proof. Eye pencils to keep your look going from day to night.

  • Enhance your look with eye pencils
    Use eye pencils daily to highlight your day look naturally or to add intensity in the evening. MAKE UP FOR EVER eye pencils are the secret to creating captivating eyes. Depending on the type of line you draw, it can make your eyes appear bigger, emphasize them and bring out the color of your irises. The color and texture possibilities are endless. You can subtly thicken the line along your eyelashes or put a halo of bright colors around your eyes for a dazzling look.

    An irresistible look all day long
    MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide variety of pencils to achieve an intense and irresistible look all day long! Kohl pencils are soft and waxy. They’re perfect for a blurred and romantic smoky eye effect. Apply a thick line on the upper eyelid for a more intense rock-inspired effect. The intense black color adapts to all skin tones. The ultra-long-lasting waterproof eyeliner pencils are a real asset, especially if you practice a sport or go out on a rainy day. They’re easy to use, even for beginners, and provide flawless hold that prevents lines from running or smearing throughout the day.
    Multi-purpose pencils, like the AQUA RESIST SMOKY SHADOW pencil, can be used as a kohl pencil, eyeliner, or eyeshadow. This 3-in-1 pencil is a must-have item in your makeup bag. It is convenient as it allows you to achieve your desired eye makeup look in the blink of an eye. Take it with you wherever you go; it’s the perfect size to travel with if you need to do touch-ups during the day. All MAKE UP FOR EVER pencils are suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.
    Looking for something a little unique and different? Choose an original shade from our wide range of colored pencils. Copper, almond green, candy pink, metallic blue – the options are endless to let your imagination run wild! Don't forget to finish off your eye makeup with a coat of mascara. This essential step opens up your eyes and intensifies your eye makeup.

    How do I look after eye pencils? Because this product is in direct contact with your eyes, the eye pencil is an accessory that must be cleaned regularly. The eyes are particularly sensitive and an easily irritated area of your face. To effectively and quickly clean your eye pencil, sharpen it using a clean sharpener disinfected with alcohol. Sharpening the lead regularly eliminates any bacteria that may be growing. It is recommended to clean your pencil at least once a week.

    Eye makeup that lasts for hours
    The secret to makeup that lasts all day? Get your eyes ready by prepping them. It is recommended to use primers and fixers specially designed for this area of the face for long-wear makeup. After applying your treatments and serums, apply a drop of eye primer to your eyelids. Once dry, you can apply your eyeshadows and pencil line. The eye base keeps the skin smooth and maintains the color of the pencil on the eyelid. This priming step prevents the product from running and fading during the day.
    Eye pencil is a versatile must-have in your make-up bag that gives your eyes a stunning look. Waterproof pencils, kohl, 3 in 1… MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of pencils to enable you to follow your heart’s desires and unleash your personal edge!