Want to know the secret for eye makeup that lasts all day? Use an eye primer that sets and makes your most beautiful creations last.

  • Eye primer for better makeup hold

    Want to know the secret for eye makeup that lasts all day? Use an eye primer that sets and makes your most beautiful creations last. MAKE UP FOR EVER has developed different bases and fixers to enhance face makeup. For the eyes, our products are formulated to respect and care for the delicate skin of this area. With our professional quality eye primers, you’ll be able to prevent your makeup from running into the creases of the eyelids. It will remain smooth and intense all day long.

    What is an eye primer?

    Eye primer is a fluid, liquid, or creamy product applied to the eyelids after a moisturizer or serum and before makeup application. It allows eyeshadows and liners to be applied seamlessly and last even longer. Eye primer is also used by professionals to enhance eyeshadow shades and make them more radiant. There are different basic textures for the eyes: sprays, creams, or liquid products. To obtain long-lasting eye makeup, MAKE UP FOR EVER is proud to present WATERPROOF AQUA SEAL TRANSFORMING FLUID. It is an alcohol-free liquid to apply to the eyelids, making eyeshadows, eyeliners, and pencils last longer. This innovative liquid transforms your makeup to be completely waterproof in the blink of an eye! This fluid can be easily removed with an eye makeup remover suitable for removing waterproof makeup.

    How do eye primers work?

    The primer creates a barrier on the eyelids that absorbs excess oil. The eye primer, therefore, offers a perfectly even and dry surface for applying makeup. Without an eye primer, the eyelids become oiler throughout the day, which causes eyeliners and shadows to run into the creases and causes your makeup to appear messy. Without primer, the color fades, and your makeup loses its intensity throughout the day. Eye primers also have the advantage of making the color of the eyelids more even, which can sometimes redden in certain places. Using an eye primers allows you to start with a blank canvas eyelid ready to be made up. Let your creativity run wild!

    How to apply your eye primer like a professional?

    After applying your moisturizers and face serums, put a small drop of eye primer on a flat brush or your fingertip. Then gently pat the eyelids to work the formula into the skin. Start at the lash line, then apply the base wherever you want to add eyeshadow or pencil. Make sure the product covers the entire eyelid to obtain a thin and even layer that the skin will quickly absorb. The skin is immediately smoother, more radiant, and ready to be made up! Remember to apply the eye primer under the lower lashes if you plan to use powder or pencil there. Wait a good minute for the base to dry completely before applying makeup. Discover the different MAKE UP FOR EVER eye primers! Our bases and fixers prepare your eyes for applying eyeshadows, eyeliners, and pencils, meaning your chosen colors will shine brightly all day long.