Complete and intensify your look with a range of MAKE UP FOR EVER eye makeup. Discover mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eyebrow products, and more.

  • Create an irresistible look with eye makeup

    Enhance your eyes with MAKE UP FOR EVER eye products. Mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and pencils will highlight your look according to your desires.
    Whether your eye makeup is glamorous and intense or soft and subtle, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers technical products that allow you to vary the effects. Using these products, you can define your eyebrows, give depth to your eyelids, and even volumize and lengthen your lashes to infinity.

    A wide range of eye makeup
    Do you prefer natural and subtle shades during the day yet prefer to add a touch of eyeliner in the evening? Look no further. MAKE UP FOR EVER eye makeup suits all tastes and skin types.
    Our palettes are customizable and allow you to best match your skin tone and the shades you prefer. It’s an ideal gift for friends and makeup lovers alike!

    A look that never fades.
    Here at MAKE UP FOR EVER, we ensure our eye makeup is long-lasting, with each product formulation being created with excellent pigmentation properties.
    Our primers and fixing products keep pigments in place and ensure your eyes look stunning all day long.

    Practical, multi-purpose pencils
    If you only have one product in your make-up bag, make it our 3-in-1 eye stick. You can use it as an eye pencil (khol), an eyeliner, or even as an eyeshadow by blending it on the eyelid.
    This convenient stick is available in 14 shades. Its silky, weightless formula is easy to apply and promises rich, opaque color for hours of crease-free wear.

    How do I get radiant shine?
    Add a touch of shine to your eyelids; use our artistic glitters, which contain highly reflective pigments for the eyelids.

    For a fun look, apply a long-lasting touch of color in the inner corner of the eye with an ARTIST COLOR SHADOW eye shadow. Available in matte, satin, iridescent, metal, and diamond finishes; choose which one you like best!

    How to highlight your eyes with an eyeliner?
    Our eyeliners are gentle and designed to suit the most sensitive eyes. Draw a line along your eyelid, flush with the eyelashes, and extend it past the outer corner of your eye.
    Our eyeliners are water, sweat, and humidity resistant for a soft finish throughout the day.
    All you have to do is reveal your creativity with eye makeup that suits you and your personality!

    How to find a natural-looking makeup look that can be used every day ? When you want a lighter makeup look, choose one of our Artist Color Professional palettes, available in 3 ranges of nude tones. Finish off your look with mascara that accentuates the length of your lashes. This subtle and simple eye makeup look is perfect for every day. It adds a real sense of depth to your look.

    How can I accentuate my eyebrows?
    A complete eye makeup look also means well-defined eyebrows. Discover our selection of eyebrow pencils, gels, and mascaras to give your brows shine, shape, and definition. Accentuate your eyebrows by creating thickness using brow pencils, then define the shape and build color intensity with tinted gels.