Take your makeup to the next level with handcrafted Artisan Brushes, essential tools, and makeup accessories co-created with our pro makeup artists.

  • Makeup accessories: all the essentials for successful makeup
    Perfect makeup begins with professional accessories: brushes, sponges, and applicators… which can be stored in special, adapted cases and boxes.

    Brushes and sponges
    Without a doubt, the most used makeup accessory is the brush. They come in all shapes and sizes for different parts of the face: complexion, eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Using a set of brushes gives you all the basic tools necessary to effectively apply your foundation, powder, bronzer, or blush. MAKE UP FOR EVER is delighted to offer a set of 4 essential brushes to perfect your complexion and eyes. You’ll find a foundation brush, a Kabuki brush for powder, a highlighter brush, and an eyeshadow brush. This brush set is handy when traveling and wanting to carry all the essentials in your makeup bag. MAKE UP FOR EVER also offers a wide range of sponges. They are efficient for applying liquid foundations and for smoothing applied products. Choose the sponge that best suits your foundation and the finish you want to achieve. For your most creative and artistic ideas, our textured sponge allows you to achieve special effects on the skin.

    Pencil sharpeners and cases
    If you’re a fan of bold lips or eyeliner, the pencil sharpener will be essential in your makeup bag. Well-sharpened tips are important for line precision and fixing pigments on your skin. MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a professional pencil sharpener that looks after your pencils and keeps them sharp. Creating precise lips and emphasizing your eyes with a perfectly drawn line across your top lashes can be done easily. When you do your makeup, do you like to have a wide choice of colors? MAKE UP FOR EVER offers magnetic palettes ranging in various shade refills. What better way to personalize your make-up? You’ll also find containers for mixing colors and textures. Let your imagination run wild!

    Makeup bags
    Are you going on vacation or need storage for your makeup accessories? Choose a technical makeup bag for optimal organization. This accessory is essential if you want to make your life easier! Before choosing a makeup bag, you need to consider the size of your makeup and accessories collection. Take a look at the number of pockets and compartments you might need to help choose the right bag for you. MAKE UP FOR EVER offers travel-friendly makeup bags that are spacious enough to hold all the products you can't go without. For more fragile products, such as creams and liquids, you will also find sets equipped with a heat-protective coating.

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    To make your life easier, all of our makeup accessories can be in one place. From brushes and sponges to complete sets, equip yourself like a professional and create the looks you’ve always dreamed of!